Same Sex Marriage & Real News

Well, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill has passed the second reading in the House of Commons. Now it is off to committee for tweaking and going to the House of Lords. A hard task because there are 26 unelected Bishops of one flavour or another who are members of that House.

I have to say that in this, I stand with Cameron (even though nearly half of his Tories voted against the Bill) because this is the right thing to do.

This is Cameron

This is Cameron

Cameron enjoys my wrath on most things, but on this he earned a qualified respect.

The bleating of the religites in the papers and on the comment threads has been staggering. All the irrational arguments you can think of:

*The sky will fall in

*Next thing will be polygamy and/or polyandry and/or bestial sex

*Or – the next thing will be incest

*The debasement of traditional marriage

*Betrayal of the electorate

*Increased incidence of child abuse

*Increased incidence of bullying

*Increased incidence of HIV/AIDS

*God’s wrath will be upon us

*Great Britain will be the laughing stock of the world

*Homosexuality will become a much larger percentage of the population

It has gone on and on and on and on. Mind you the newspapers have had a field day. Up to their eyeballs in articles, blogs, opinion pieces, quotes from the bishops and others, hand wringing and despair. Loud wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But, I think this is one step closer to a state run and managed civil marriage register and celebrants will be state employees.

The Humanists don’t want this because they think it will threaten some of their income stream. The Secularists want this because it removes some religious privilege which is the aim of secularism.

This is Great Britain where there is an established church and it gets the special privilege regardless. I mean the Queen heads the Church and is Defender of the faith anyway and even if Charlie takes over from her, he has said that he wants to be the Defender of all faiths. Good grief.

In the meantime, in the real world, a Tunisian democrat politician, lawyer and activist has been assassinated presumably by Islamic extremists as he was outspoken against Sharia law and Islamists in his country. (Late edit) The Tunisian Government has collapsed because of this.

Shokri Belaid - shot to death

Shokri Belaid – shot to death

Lars Hedegaard - the guman missed

Lars Hedegaard – the gunman missed


A Danish critic of Islam was shot at by (probably) an Islamist.

Nahla Mahoud

Nahla Mahmoud






And this woman Nahla Mahmoud slams the idea of Sharia law in the UK or anywhere else. Read what she has to say – the possibility of this law being acceptable in the UK makes me sick.

Japan and China keep fronting up to each other over disputed territory. A tsunami hits the Solomons and people are dead. The French and Malian forces clash with militant Islamists outside Gao.

Little girls are still having their genitals cut by trusted mothers and other female relatives. Although, a small light of care comes from Comic Relief and other trusts including Rosa that have collaborated on a £1.6m programme to tackle FGM in the UK. In the UK, can you believe it!!

Rosa's Chairman

Rosa’s Chairman

But the Mother Grundies are bleating about same sex marriage in the UK, shock, horror and how it will end civilisation as we know it. Unbelievable.