Andrew Wakefield loses again in court; what happened?

This is the latest update I have found detailing the life and fortunes of erstwhile Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his egregious, self-serving and very damaging lies regarding autism and the MMR vaccine.

I would like to say that due to Wakefield, measles contagion has increased worryingly in Australia, the UK and definitely in America where he is holed up still spruiking his rubbish.
Andrew Wakefield

Violent metaphors

You may have seen the news about a Texas court throwing out Andrew Wakefield‘s lawsuit against Brian Deer, the investigative journalist who did so much to uncover Wakefield’s fraudulentanti-vaccine study. You can read the court’s opinion for yourself, but I’ve already seen some inaccurate commentary on it. Here’s a little background on the case, and a quick explanation of what happened last week for non-lawyers.

view Apparently this is “Asquith as John Bull giving cheap sugar and an old age pension to a child and an elderly couple.” I have no idea what it means. But I dig old editorial cartoons (and the headline).

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