Rape & criminality; rape & the norm

Protesting the Delhi rape case

Protesting the Delhi rape case

Rape is very much in the news at the moment. A young medical student was raped in Delhi by a gang of young men and has since died of her internal injuries.

Then there were some apparent copycat gang rapes in India.

Just hours ago, The Indian Express reported that three Buddhist monks were among the four people arrested for gangraping a 14 year old girl in Kalimpong.

Two young Aid workers in Libya were gang raped a few days ago in the name of Islam because of some fatwa.

Lara Logan before being raped

Lara Logan before being raped

It seems rape is becoming (and has been) so commonplace that reporting rapes is a bit of a yawn, a line or three in the local paper and nothing in the western press.

There’s the so-called Steubenville rape where two college students forcibly raped and photographed their young victim. The outcry is that the sentence was far too light thus adding to public perception that rape is not that much of a crime. Bloody hell – you should try being a woman. Men tell themselves that women ‘really like the sexual violence’ that is rape. Why is it that men never, ever get it? Why do they think that their sexuality is all there is?

Groups of young Muslim men in Europe are gang raping young European women and this whole problem with rape is escalating. Wikipedia has some horrific statistics from all over the world.

Inconsistent definitions of rape make for different rates of reporting etc.

Sweden seems to have a very high rate of rape – possibly due to over recording of individual cases where in other countries multiple rapes within a family are recorded as a single instance. Maybe the figures show really diligent recording rather than a drastic increase in the incidence of rape.

This is a nice little story that will make you vomit about a 7 hour rape marathon by 12 afghan men perpetrated on a Swedish mother. She now can’t walk, is incontinent and in psychiatric care. Presumably her family is bringing up her two children. Forgive me for being unable to append suitable photographs to this post. They would be horrific if they were available.

This is an horrendous account of rape of two young girls over a 2 year period by a gang of young Muslim boys and men in France. Europe is having an increasingly tough time where women will end up being terrified of going out. Maybe that’s the way of Muslim women too. The thing is that these boys (scores of them) were locals.

This happened in Birmingham where a Muslim gang has been gaoled for raping girls as part of a celebratory ritual.

How isolated would you feel.

How isolated would you feel.

Then there’s another one, this time in Glasgow:  a young girl raped on a double-decker bus.

These cases are reported in the western press but why is it that the western world has been silenced about reporting the extent of these abuses. We have statistics and more statistics but no one is up in arms about the steadily rising incidence of rape in Europe. Why is the reporting consistently suppressed? I didn’t have to look far for reports in the news of other countries. There seems to be no co-ordinated effort to bring world-wide attention to this revolting crime.

It seems that because young Muslim men are taught to see western white women as unclean and brazen that raping them doesn’t even register as wrong on their radar. Europe is experiencing more and more of young Muslim gangs deliberately targeting European women for rape.

In South Africa child and baby rape is among the highest in the world. Some uneducated African people believe that raping babies because they are virgins will prevent and/or cure AIDS. South Africa has the highest HIV-positive numbers in the world with around 11% infected. Of course, the Catholic Church has been instrumental in this increase with its ban on and lies about condoms. US and Australian foreign aid money have a veto on any money being used for contraceptives so that keeps the rate high as well.

All armies seem to consider rape of the vanquished women as their right. Their leaders seem not to interfere and references are made in religious writings of antiquity. In today’s world rape is still used as a weapon of war.

A lot of rape is seen as culturally acceptable in certain countries. We are told that rape is a traditional way of maintaining power and control over women. We are led to understand that men are essentially frightened of women and their procreative power and want to subdue and otherwise punish women for having the womb. Then we are told that women are unclean because they menstruate. Don’t let them into a house of worship while they are bleeding, don’t shake them by the hand, don’t let them into your bed. Make them have a bath before you touch them.

The primitiveness with which men and their religions and politics view fully 52% of human population is really quite worrying.

We have the three Abrahamic religions, all of which downgrade woman while attempting to put her on a pedestal out of reach.

As law and order come under pressure of immigration, ghetto living, poverty and lack of work, as the societies start to break down as they surely are, the reporting of cross cultural gang rapes of white women (and men) by so-called Asian gangs – Pakistani and Afghan youths and men, but not Chinese, Japanese or Filipino – is seen as political incorrect. So we don’t really understand the extent to which this casual rape culture has infiltrated our societies.

There are any number of blogs, websites and organisations on the web, none of which seem to tie in with each other. The feeling that we are sliding backwards into a barbarism that doesn’t even belong in the Middle Ages has to be dealt with somehow. Why don’t we do it? Are we so terrified of the potential violence? It is a violent crime against much frailer and more defenseless women and children.

The numerous articles are around if only we would look. It all needs media coverage big time, so that something HAS to be done by different countries’ authorities.

3 comments on “Rape & criminality; rape & the norm

  1. Veronique says:

    I have just re-read this article I posted and I am in tears. It hurts me so much to think of women who are subject to rape, their vaginal walls torn, their most intimate parts violated and destroyed.

    Imagine girl children and babies being penetrated by fully adult male penises – even if those penises are tiny and of no account. Are these the men who rape? The ones who are not endowed to the extent of being able to attract a proper adult woman as a mate and develop a proper sexual relationship with an equal adult?

  2. Tom Donald says:

    “The primitiveness with which men and their religions and politics view fully 52% of human population is really quite worrying.”
    Haven’t you ever met a decent man? Most of us are really rather nice, and most of us would no more rape than murder. Please don’t think that rapists are in any way typical of men, because it’s a horrible injustice to the great majority of men, who hate and despise rapists and other people who commit vile acts. The attitude towards men that is implied in some parts of this post seem horribly sexist: Isn’t sexism the problem?
    There is NOTHING “normal” about rape.

    • Veronique says:

      Yes, Tom, of course I have met decent men. My cry is for abused children and women and against those men who are increasingly being reported as people I would never want to know. And I have to say, that no one ever knows what goes on behind the closed doors.

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