FGM-a proper legal response


It is with interest that I noticed an article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday that details the beginnings of legal actions to be taken against those in Australia that undertake this horrendous practice of mutilating little girls.

As anyone reading this blog is aware my reactions to FGM, as one of the disgustingly barbaric, disfiguring and revolting things that can be done to defenceless and vulnerable children under the control of deluded adults, raises my ire as little else does.

Sheikh Shabbir Vaziri, 56, who police sources say is part of a lesser-known branch of Islam, has been charged with two counts of accessory after the fact of female genital mutilation and hindering investigation of a serious indictable offence.

Also arrested today was a 68-year-old woman who has been charged with two counts of prohibition of female genital mutilation.

A 42-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman were arrested last Friday and charged with two counts each of female genital mutilation.

This final statement in the article drew my interest:

Female genital mutilation is illegal in NSW. It is also an offence to take a NSW resident overseas to have the procedure performed.


To begin with I hadn’t realised that FGM had been made illegal in NSW and that it is an offence to spirit girls away overseas to have the procedure performed in places like Pakistan and in Africa.

It is heartening that more and more news stories indicate that FGM is becoming unacceptable even in places where hitherto it had been seen as a cultural norm rather more than a Muslim practice (which it isn’t except that Muslims are the ones practising this barbarism).

There is another SMH report two days ago about WA girls and babies undergoing FGM. It appears that some Catholic groups also perform FGM. It is obvious that FGM pre-dates any and all religion. The Catholic must be the African Catholics having been proselytised by white Catholic missionaries sticking their noses in where they shouldn’t.

While its original raison d’être seems to relate to cleanliness as did male circumcision, the fact that these procedures still occur has more to do with tradition than any real sense of ‘need’. There is a belief that clitoral and labial removal and stitching up whatever is left of the external genitalia is to stop women from being ‘overly sexually active’. What a load of codswallop!

I have enormous difficulty with this as babies are the ones undergoing the procedure. The only thing I can see is that the children are under adult control and the women are the ones to perform this barbarism.

I suspect that hidden amongst the traditional rubbish and crap, FGM is to keep bloody paedophiles away from girls. It obviously didn’t and still doesn’t work. Men still abuse girls and women, get away with it while the women undergo humiliation, torture and are often stoned to death. In western countries stoning has been replaced by shooting or knifing.

We know about Ayaan Hirsi Ali but I hadn’t heard of this woman who is on the same warpath and from the same country of Somalia. This is Waris Dirie and she is quoted as saying something that I can relate to:

The idea that things are too private to mention is, after all, what keeps them shrouded in silence. ”You’ve got a vagina, I’ve got a vagina, every man in the world knows you have got one, like he’s got a prick and an arse!” she snaps. ”There is nothing to be ashamed [of], that it should not be discussed because it is private! But then it is private and should not be touched – that is the point. And it’s not just my world, it’s everywhere.” 

Waris Dirie – another FGM victim

She is strong and angry and this quote from the SMH article is good:

”But I’m sad this ignorance is still happening. I know the world knows it’s wrong. If I’m angry, I’m angry with those who have the knowledge to change something and are not changing it.”



7 comments on “FGM-a proper legal response

  1. dauda says:

    Hey, chill a bit. You can’t FIX THE WORLD! 60,000 were BUTCHERED in Syria last year, Palestine is a CONCENTRATION CAMP and millions go to bed HUNGRY every night! I save my 5 year-old daughter from FGM and she is flourishing in a British school (now aged 9). Still, as I say, you can’t change the world. Enjoy what appears to be the beautiful Cairngorms – from my Scottish university days!

    • Veronique says:

      Thanks dauda, but for each one of your daughters you may save, hundreds more girls undergo this disgusting practice.

      Yes, people butcher each other and many people go hungry each day. Life is a struggle for the majority of people on this planet and a lot just don’t make it.

      That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t express my disgust and abhorrence for a totally unnecessary and appalling mutilation of children who really have no idea why their mothers, grandmothers and others are cutting into their bodies for some barbaric and stupid manufactured reason.

      So no thank you. I won’t chill out over FGM. I will blog and comment to the whole world about a barbaric and revolting practice that hurts, distresses and damages female children.

      You ‘saved’ your daughter. Then you should also be shouting to the tree tops about this hideous thing.

      • dauda says:

        Bless U, I like your fire!

          • dauda says:

            On one thing I agree with you completely: if one comes to live in another country they MUST obey the country’s laws. We are trying to get as many country’s as possible to legislate against FGM so that it becomes a criminal offence everywhere. Still, isn’t it interesting that Obama and Cameron are trying to link development aid to Gay Rights while completely ignoring FGM?

  2. Veronique says:

    They are terrified of alienating the number of people from countries where FGM is practised. They know what side their bread is buttered and are morally hypocritical.

    • dauda says:

      V Says: “They know what side their bread is buttered”.

      Dauda Says: 100% correct; Gay Groups and supporters wield a MASSIVE voter influence and can decide elections; the FGM victims don’t have a SINGLE vote so they can be safely ignored. Its a wonderful world we live in.

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