Homophobia – why and what for?

What is it about homophobia, same sex marriage and gays adopting children? What engenders such heated and fearful reactions in especially religiously oriented societies?

I have always thought of myself as a fairly normal sexual human being. I began to get sexual urgings at the time my body’s response started to include menstruation in its repertoire. It sort of sounded normal to me (at a later time of reflection, of course).

I just went along with my body’s dictates. Actually I embraced my body’s dictates with gusto and enjoyed very varied physical contact with fellow human beings and a sometimes tortured emotional reaction to rejection and my shyness.

I do not believe that I am or was so different from my (now) 7 billion fellows spread all over the globe, living in cultural situations that are the same or are different from mine.

Homosexuality is perceived by a certain (large) section of all human societies as evil. I find this interesting in itself.

This attitude emanates from religious dogma, basically of the monotheistic variety. I have never adopted even selected parts of religious teachings as my raison d’être for living a good fulfilled life. Religious equations are quite horrific insofar as they allow for the murder of homosexuals and other minority groups in a number of human societies. The number of countries seems to me to be polarising into a rational Europe (they went through the religious wars and that was an horrific time) and an increasingly irrational set of other countries that are not controlling the spread of evangelical religion. It is this evangelical cultish religious dogma that is the problem today.

This sort of persecution doesn’t happen in other species. It’s not that homosexuality doesn’t happen – it does. Homosexual isolation and murder doesn’t happen in other species; only in human societies.

To my mind all negativity to human homosexuality has to do with religion. All religions start off as underground cultures. Academic, illiterate, downtrodden, disenfranchised – add as many more disadvantaged and marginalised groups as you like. They all start as small groups of fanatics. And they all want to grow their numbers in an attempt to become politically powerful. So the female becomes the repository of fecundity to enhance and improve the society of the faithful.

You could try the argument that men’s millions of sperm swimming against the tide to fertilise one female egg offers bets against the odds. And then that generation is born – a wee bit of a problem in this century where we have already hit 7 billion and don’t look like curtailing our growth numbers – pretty selfish really when you consider the effect on so many marginally operating species with which we share the planet and which contribute in their own ways to its management. If you start looking at the extinction numbers and the potentially extinct species’ numbers, you would think that we would become aware of our own hubris. But we don’t. We are superbly self-centred.

We are in the middle of an extinction period; whether or not the bleeding hearts want to accept it.

So please can we let the homosexuals alone? Can we please just let them be? They are not adding to the overall population explosion but they are prepared to look after and care for the often irresponsible issue of the wilful heterosexuals in our societies.

Stop hounding homosexual people and gather them to our collective bosom as the least aggressive members of our human population. Oh! and they appear to care more than a lot of us heterosexuals!


2 comments on “Homophobia – why and what for?

  1. Ian Clarkson says:

    In my experience genuine Christians are the ones who care and sacrifice the most. Not the ones who take their name but not their doctrine, or their power but not their humility. The true ones.Around the globe they are the most abused yet they return love for hate. I want to be more like them. We havent much time on this planet and no one gets off alive. Lets do all the good we can small or great and look forward to the new heaven and earth where right shall reign..

    • Dod says:

      Having lived in the UK and the most christian country in the world – the USA, that’s not my experience. Indeed, most of the nastiest people I’ve ever encountered have been christians, whether “genuine” or not I couldn’t say but I don’t care because there is no sensible definition of a genuine christian, I think all would say they’re genuine!

      Many religious people – especially those of the catholic variety – are among the most selfish people on Earth, many still follow the insane teachings of their leader who urges them to greater breeding levels, something the planet certainly doesn’t need. Greed, vindictiveness, selfishness and even hatefulness are characteristics I see displayed by some of the religious.

      You speak of sacrifice and you are correct, there have been quite a few cases of American religious maniacs who have literally sacrificed their own children by refusing medical treatment and allowing them to die often agonizing deaths. It is this kind of horrific behaviour that epitomises the supreme arrogance of these religiously deluded members of our species, their absolute certainty that they are right, their absolute unwillingness to admit they might be wrong, their claim to know that which cannot be known is arrogance of the highest order.

      I said “our species” but frankly, I often feel they are not of the same species as me. I’m glad to see however, that education is winning the battle, more and more young people are rejecting puerile religious doctrine and are thinking for themselves, religion is dying and it can’t happen quickly enough for me.

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