Church of England obsesses about Gay Marriage

and why not!

I simply cannot believe that the Church of England can keep making the same objections against gay marriage when the whole issue is such a no brainer.

The Church obsesses madly about same sex people marrying into an institution that has been seriously breaking down since last century. Why?

The Church insists that the immutable meaning of marriage is for procreation and therefore the word can only apply to the union between men and women. The Church thinks that marriage as an institution would suffer if opened up to gays as it would have its meaning ‘hollowed out’ and reduced to the level of a ‘content free’, ‘consumerist’ agreement.  So I read in the BBC article today.

Well really! Pre-nuptial agreements, forced marriages, marriages of convenience for both accidentally pregnant, property transfer and political reasons aren’t consumerist aren’t they? Tell that to the solicitors drawing up the marriage conditions; and to the families arranging them.

Of course the Church is worried about its diminishing influence in public life and seems to seriously believe that we will all go to hell in a hand basket if we allow the man-made institution of marriage to encompass a few thousand homosexual men and women who want the same relationship rights that everyone else has access to.

While the Church wrings its hands about the unseemliness of gay marriage, it conveniently ignores the thousands of children who are born to unmarried parents and the parents who divorce from each other leaving children in single parent families.

Rowan Williams has had enough

I suppose the Church has difficulty actually stating its spurious religious argument that gay marriage bestows legality to what is fundamentally seen as against the word of god(s). And that is only because gays can’t produce offspring to keep the numbers of the faithful growing in the society.

Well – gays seem to want children as much as anyone else and are willing to adopt children often from less fortunate circumstances. Unfortunately some church-run orphanages seem to want to ban gay adoptions. Not nice.

On the road alone

Given that I am an active non lover of religion of any sort, my preferred position is that all marriages should be conducted legally through the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages at minimal cost. The celebrations with all the trimmings and haute couture, be they of whatever flavour, religious or otherwise can begin after the legal ceremony.

The weird thing is that the proposed legislation has nothing to do with the Church. It applies to civil partnerships only. So what is it with the Church?

It calls itself the state church with the Queen as the Defender of the Faith. It was set up politically in the 16th century by a randy monarch and has outlived its carnal usefulness in this the 21st century. The only claim it now has is to silly, religious superstition in an effort to hold onto its diminishing wealth and power.

And that makes the Church look and sound like the anachronistic, sour mouthed, fear mongering and bigoted institution it actually is. Disestablishment is the only way forward.


3 comments on “Church of England obsesses about Gay Marriage

  1. Ian Clarkson says:

    hey its not the Church of England its mainstream everyone that rejects two males or two females mimicking marriage. Only 11 out of 196 nations have gone there. None of the worlds belief systems are pushing for it,except a fringe minority.

  2. Veronique says:

    Ian – it IS the Church of England. Read the news papers and on line. That is precisely where the comments are coming from.

    You seem to be of the same ilk. Well, fine for you. Attitudes are actually changing and same sex marriage will become legalised in the not so distant future. As it should. Marriage is a man made institution supposedly for the paternity and protection of offspring.

    It no longer does that adequately. The courts are charged with the protection of offspring and DNA testing has taken precedence over other means.

    You need to get up to speed:-). Australia isn’t so far away really:-) and I am a South Australian by birth.

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