I have posted about this ages ago. Now it is being brought up again by an unscrupulous woman purporting to add credence to her drivel by posting her academic status. In my opinion that status should be cancelled and her studies banned from academic life. It demeans academia. Oh! I am very cross all over again.

For anyone with any desire to follow further, try:



Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

Here is a fact:

At 32 days old, Dana McCaffery died of whooping cough – also known as pertussis.

Here are some more facts:

Dana was born perfectly healthy.

She was not yet old enough to be vaccinated for pertussis.

At the time Dana was admitted to Lismore Base Hospital, Australia was already in the grip of one of the worst whooping cough epidemics on record – the result of vaccination falling well below optimum levels.

Dana’s was not an isolated case. There were an alarming 19,000 cases of whooping cough reported in Australia in the year Dana was born and Dana’s death was the third fatality. As Dana fought for her life in the Lismore Base Hospital, two other babies suffering from the same disease were airlifted to Brisbane for emergency treatment. This was not some rare, seldom seen disease. It was common, well-known, well-documented and rampant.


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