Gay Marriage and its Political Passage

The sensible Rabbi Romain

How refreshing to read of a Rabbi making a public statement like this:

 Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, said that Christians and Jewish people who oppose homosexual relationships on biblical grounds were applying double standards unless they also believed in some of the more obscure commands in the Old Testament.

Richard Dawkins must be smiling in Oxford – he has been saying this sort of thing in every debate I have ever heard. Dawkins is as fierce an advocate of equality as I have heard. And, just quietly and inter alia, utterly scathing of religious privilege.

The good Prof. Dawkins

How intensely, wonderfully, fiercely and gratifyingly marvellous it is to hear the same Rabbi calling David Cameron out for being the elitist and snob that we all know Cameron to be.

Now, it may be apparent that I cannot abide the baby-faced, empty-headed Cameron but I will give him his due. He only makes decisions that will benefit him and his chances at future political success (a vain hope in my view). As well, he hopes to appease, smooth and otherwise chum his Tory mates. He is very able when it comes to feathering nests.

The lesser Cameron

In this case of same sex relationships, Cameron must have realised that even though homosexuals don’t amount to a big enough percentage of voters able to swing party fortunes in marginal seats, their supporters may. Some of his social class must have been in his ear, so to speak, and told him of the growing support of the privileged classes for gay marriage.

And so the Rabbi is probably quite correct in his assessment of Cameron’s motives.

Now, apart from the obvious political flavour to this debate that we shouldn’t even be having, there is the never ending, yawningly tired and ridiculous stance of the religious poking around in the public sphere. They are, by this time, hanging on by their fingernails to their waning support.

Rightly so too. This is the 21st Century and after all these thousands of years we must be developing some wisdom, surely! The following is attributed to Seneca the Younger sometime around 50 BC:

“Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”

But I wouldn’t hold my breath.


3 comments on “Gay Marriage and its Political Passage

  1. Ian Clarkson says:

    Rabbi Romain missunderstands the Christian teaching on homosexuality and indeed the Hebrew Scriptures. Cgristians interpret the Hebrew Scriptures,the Law and the Prophets through the teaching of the greatest Rabbi-Jesus Christ and the teaching He left with His apostles. In that, He clearly dismisses many of the legal prescriptions of the Law-but some are upheld and one of those is the proscription of a male lying with a male as with a female. Jesus does not judge those born without heterosexual desires Matt 19.11-12

    • Veronique says:

      Well Ian – we all seem to interpret with gay abandon to prop up any and all grimly held beliefs. I think religious scripture would be a perfect hoot if people didn’t take it so seriously and think that it has anything of proper value to contribute to our current and modern society. We have come a long way since the sea of Galilee and I, for one, think that people can do as they will (they do anyway) provided they don’t damage others in the doing.

      As to your claim that the Rabbi misunderstands – so what? As far as I can see, everyone misunderstands something that someone else thinks he/she understands.

      Your capitalisation of He tells me you are a Christian. I am not and seriously couldn’t give a damn. My concern is that people are treated fairly and that marriage as an institution can be undertaken equally by hetero and homo sexuals.

      My post was primarily to do with the smarmy political advantage that Cameron sees in supporting gay marriage. The religious interpretation interests me not one jot except insofar as gays are discriminated against. Then I will mouth off.

    • Veronique says:

      You know Ian – I would be interested if you commented on my post on forced marriages. Do you want to give that a go?

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