Condoms and the Pope

They really like me!!

So now we have the Pope backpedalling over his comments in the Cameroons last year about condoms actually making HIV infection worse. The outrage his comments caused should have made him closet himself away in his ivory tower for the rest of his pathetic life.

But he didn’t; he has been tripping around the world on taxpayers’ money (except Belgium) behaving as if he has the ear of his god. Mind you, if he thinks he has, the men in white (not crimson) coats should be brought in!

Now he has admitted that condom use might be ‘justified in exceptional circumstances’. He means, of course, in circumstances involving male prostitutes. Well, of course!! Then condoms aren’t used for contraceptive reasons, are they!!

What I would like to know is whether any or how many of his priests wore condoms while sexually assaulting the little kiddies they so deny having done.

The Roman Catholic Church is one of the most disgustingly hypocritical and evil organisations that humans beings have spawned in their tenure on this planet.

I am pleased that the good people of Italy while all being nominally baptised as Catholics (to keep the RCC numbers claimed by the Vatican inflated thus increasing the state donations to the Vatican) are not contributing to the exponential growth in global population any more than any other western country. Nor is there any greater incidence in the reported number of HIV/Aids sufferers in Italy. Condoms continue to sold by the billions and less and less people take notice of the Pope.

I presume that those good people heed the words of the  Pope’s edicts on contraception as I would. Turn a blind eye and use ear plugs.

16th Century cartoon of two-faced RCC

The ‘analysts’ and others are hailing the Pope’s words as indicating his ability to learn about the reality of the world as it is not the way he would like it to be. Or rather, the way he interprets his god’s thoughts.

I, on the other hand, think that his pronouncements are political in nature and who would trust a politician, especially when he dresses in a frock? And isn’t even a transgender?


5 comments on “Condoms and the Pope

  1. Michelle B says:

    This drowning-in-pomp, mental and emotional midget apparently does not realize that there are male heterosexual prostitutes who would be blocking conception in their female clients if they use condoms. He thinks all male prostitutes are homosexual. Secular humanism is the reason why our societies are ethical.

  2. Veronique says:

    More obfuscating twaddle from the Vatican regarding who should and shouldn’t wear a condom.

    This is from the BBC today:

    I love the fact that these guys who never play with themselves (haha in George Carlin laugh tone) presume to think that they can tell people to populate the world with little Catholics. Like the Muslims want to populate the world with little Islamists.

    Where do these delusionists get off? Do these twits seriously believe that there will always be a time when their static dogmas will ever trump the moving, searching and intelligent thought of scientific endeavour?

    So the Pope and his weasel words can go jump.

  3. Michelle B says:

    After a little research, it seems that male heterosexual prostitutes (not including Thailand) comprise the majority of sex workers in the tourism sex trade with women from Nordic countries being very frequent clients.

  4. Michelle B says:

    I think the Pope™ is not aware that women are sexual beings, being that his stunted perspective is to regard them as Catholic baby Pez dispensers.

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