Town Park in Glenrothes

The swan nest at Glenrothes TownPark

The cygnets have hatched!! Only one survived.

I noticed the swans nest the first time I visited the park. That was 2008. The gardens were flourishing, it was summer.

Tulips and Gentians in Spring

All manner of birds were swooping around and I fell for this Park so close to my home.

One offspring to carry the name!

Just beautiful and here are some photographs of that time. Aren’t the begonias something else?

Begonias showing off!

The past couple of years have seen my clicking the camera and recording spring, summer and autumn plantings. Fife Council does a fantastic job at keeping the public gardens a visual treat for the rest of us.

See me, see me! I am here

Last year the swans lost their chick to fishing lines that people (it’s always people isn’t it?) left in the pond where the Leven River is diverted over a spillway through the park.

This year, Council brought in the heavies – they are dredging the pond for the first time of deposited silt, cans, plastic and fishing lines(!), rotten food (algae is a problem) and other assorted detritus.

The Dredge clearing up muck

It looks pretty dire now but will be cleaned up and prettified again in a month or so.

The swans came back yesterday. They didn’t hatch a chick this year and they aren’t too fussed with what is going on. They look a little forlorn because there’s no water and a ruddy big machine making noise in their habitat.

Look what They've Done to our Home, Ma

But they will stay; it is their pond, after all!!

So this time next year, the Park will be as beautiful as ever – and clean!!

And the Leven still flows!

Leven River flowing into the Park


7 comments on “Town Park in Glenrothes

  1. Michelle B says:

    I love the river photo (and is that a rock on the lower right trying to imitate a big old turtle?)

  2. Frances says:

    Poor little Swans – hope it gets beautiful again quickly

  3. Veronique says:

    It will. Fife Council is one of the best Councils for public amenity. The labour used is community service people who have evaded a custodial sentence. Or so I am told.!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The picture of the river is actually the Lothrie Burn

    • Veronique says:

      Well!! Thank you – I was an incomer at the time of writing that piece and thought the Leven Bridge also related to the water course.

      I actually like the Lothrie Burn better anyway 🙂

  5. thbettys says:

    Do you have the address? I would like to visit this park. it is very beautiful. Thank you for posting this beautiful park!

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