MSNBC poll on Home Schooling

Recently I found on Jerry Coyne’s blog a reference to MSNBC and a poll being conducted in the US called: Is it OK for home-school textbooks to dismiss the theory of evolution Not that the results of the poll will matter much since the home schooling parents will home school. That’s what they do. However, it is running slightly higher for the Nays than for the Yeas. Small margin however. I do also note that some home-schoolers have commented saying that they will teach evolution but will also give their isolated children schooling in creationism. That sucks!!

I made a couple of comments on the ever growing, slightly vituperative and snarky threaded comment page that was running at 1,888 or so comments. It is worth a look and a vote with a comment short or long. At this stage the NO vote is in front at 51.4% to 48%. This is, however, in America. I know, it’s depressing in the extreme when confronted with people who have a desperate need to hold onto a faith that is unsustainable and certainly can’t come to the party under the microscope of analysis.

I always feel as though I have to put my two-penneth in for what it’s worth. By the lack of response, in this particular comment thread, it’s probably worth nothing. I have a funny, irresistible desire to try to articulate the basis of evolutionary science at the point at which it is at the moment and another desire to slam home some basic scientific truths. The big problem, of course, is that, the nay-sayers never seem to have read the same scientific literature that I have. Damn!!

All comments that can be made have to address a whole swathe of irrationality and in-consequentiality in the body of the comments. However, I have had my fill. I give up. At least for the present.


3 comments on “MSNBC poll on Home Schooling

  1. Fred says:

    How does one teach Creationism? It’s a non-subject!

    • Veronique says:

      I know and that’s the problem. All the kids are taught is how to be non-critical and non-curious. They are told to accept on faith that their god (never anyone else’s) created everything. How can you possibly build a forward-looking society on such backward educational standards?

      No we have the ruddy Academies Bill in the UK with the potential for hundreds more faith schools set to proliferate with no requirement to meet a national standard of education as far as I know.

      I just hope the whole thing backfires and the ConDems don’t even see out their first term of office. I read somewhere that Cameron sees himself as the UK’s JFK. That would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

  2. Dod says:

    The ConDems should be condemned!

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