Planet Earth

The disconnect between the economists’ assessment of global resources and their potential use and a rather more encompassing set of views propounded by climate scientists, ecologists and researchers into the dangers of over-use of resources is profound.

The episode from the Planet Earth series called The Future – Into The Wilderness showed the stark disparity of thinking between those who can see only growth to accommodate the burgeoning population that hankers after a western style living standard and those who see growth as having to remain a sustainable goal for generations.

It is unfortunate indeed that EO Wilson, J Lovelock and others sound as though they are crying in the wind, because in a sense they are. While ever there are climate change denialists and while ever big business dictates to the rest of society how they will live their lives, we stand no chance of being able to harness global co-operation for our common good and the continuance of life as we know it on this planet. I am sometimes unsure whether the climate denialists actually believe what they say or whether they are just so cynical and spruik their nonsense because it is what they are told to say and it is ‘good’ for business.

It drives me nuts anyway.


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